Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everyday Joys 2016 {Week 1}

For the past couple of years I have tried to take a picture a day of something that happened in our lives.  I started calling these pictures "Everyday Joys".  Sometimes these pictures are funny and sometimes it's just so that I remember these crazy moments.  Here is a little glimpse of our first week of 2016 and our everyday joys.

A dawning of a new day and a new year.  Happy 2016.  {January 1}

The pond across from our house is finally frozen and these two are beyond excited!  {January 2}

Kevin was given 2 last minute box seats tickets to the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game.  We both decided that Holden would enjoy this experience more than me so these two went to the game together.  Here are a few pictures Kevin sent to me during the game....  {January 3}


Exhaustion has set in.  {January 4}

Little Ballers.  {January 5}

Ski Lessons.  {January 6}

An afternoon on the ice.  {January 7}

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