Monday, January 11, 2016

Ski Lessons

After our first winter in Wisconsin, I quickly realized that we either have to embrace winter and winter sports or we will go crazy.  With that being said, I signed both Holden and Rylan up for ski lessons in January and snowboard lessons for the month of February.   Their first lesson was this past week.  Both boys were so excited to finally learn how to ski.  Once they were geared up, it was time to hit the practice slopes.

I was surprised at how quickly they both picked it up.

Leyton and I watched the boys at the practice slopes but once they got on the ski lift for the bunny slopes, we headed over to the fire pit to watch and get warm.  Leyton did really well watching the kids during their lesson, which was a blessing.

I packed dinner for him to eat so that kept him pretty occupied.   We also walked around the ski resort to take in the sights before making it back over to watch the boys come down the ski slopes again.  After their lesson, and after a few more times down the ski slope,  I asked the boys what they thought of their first lesson, and I quote, "It was epic!"  HAHA!  Too funny.


I think it is safe to say they loved it!    

Here are two videos from their lesson... (Hopefully they will work!)


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