Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Basketball and a Kobe Bryant surprise....

Holden is obsessed with trading cards these days.  He will sit and organize them in his binders, memorize stats and learn everything there is to know about football players.

Well, now that we are in the midst of basketball season and he has moved on to basketball cards.

 {However, he is still trading football cards with friends at school.}  Again, he will learn everything there is to know about certain players, he will check out books at the school library on certain players to learn more and of course, he will watch them play on tv.   Since this is teaching him memorization skills, math skills and history of the game, we do not get onto him too much about this obsession except when I find cards all over the house!  In his room he also has a bulletin board where he has printed off pictures of his favorite players from football, basketball and baseball.

 A couple of months ago when Kobe Bryant announced he was going to be retiring after this season, Holden asked if he could go and see him play.  We looked at the schedule and saw that the Lakers would be playing the Bucks in February.  We looked at tickets and they were a fortune!  Honestly, we thought Holden would forget about it but, he did not.  So after a few phone calls from Kevin's connections at work, he was able to secure 3 seats in the 6th row, center court.  We did not tell the kids immediately, instead we saved it for their Valentine's Day surprise.  They were beyond excited!  I bought both Holden and Rylan Kobe Jerseys for the occasion as well.

Monday night the boys were off to Milwaukee to see one of Kobe Bryant's last games.

I sent Kevin with my camera to document the night.  It was a sold out crowd and as Kevin said it was all about Kobe.  From warm ups to a video montage before the game.


Game time and these two were excited!!!

They cheered on Kobe and the Lakers throughout the game but did enjoys a few dunks from the Bucks.

Kobe played until the 4th quarter and then he was out icing his shoulder and knees.


The next morning I asked Holden what did he think of the game and he said, "Mom, it was totally AMAZING to see him play."  I am so glad it all worked out and Kevin and the boys were able to experience this game together.  I know this will be a huge memory they will remember for years to come.

Everyday Joys {Week 7}

A recap of our week.....

Valentine's = sugar overload.  {February 12}

Rylan received an award at basketball for teamwork!  {February 13}

Happy Valentine's Day!  After church, the snow began to fall so we decided to spend the day of love together at the movies.  This was Leyton's first movie at the theater and he LOVED it!  {February 14}

Practicing his "Home Alone" screams in the bath tub tonight.  {Because why not, it has the best echo.}  {February 15}

Homework, book reports and lots of snow fort building.  {February 16}

My kitchen assistant hard at work.  {February 17}

Cookie thief caught in the act.  {February 18}

Monday, February 15, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 6}

A recap of our week...

$5 dollar tulips will brighten up any day.  Happy Friday! {February 5}

Superheroes unite for the school auction Super Gala! {February 6}


Super Bowl 50 excitement! {February 7}

Working on the kids Valentine's... "You are one and a Minion" {February 8}

Happy Mardi Gras!  Laissez les bons temps rouler!  {February 9}

Three is such a funny age.  Leyton is non-stop talking, extremely active, usually way too loud but is oh so sweet.  Trying to savory these little moments and conversations each day.  {February 10}

100th Day of School.  This 100 year old wanted to dress like Granddaddy (Roy Clay) even though Granddaddy is only 85.  Rylan was very specific about his hair, his glasses, his cane and his REAL pens in his pocket just like Granddaddy.  I think he nailed his look and especially his smile just like his beloved Granddaddy.  {February 11}

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!

Fat Tuesday around here is a fun way for us to celebrate before beginning Lent.  In years past, the boys made mask a couple of day before but we have been so busy that I just decided to use some that we had packed away.  While Holden and Rylan were at school, Leyton and I made King Cake and decorated the kitchen as a surprise when they came home.

Tuesday just happen to be crazy hair day at school if you are wondering what is going on with their hair.  HA!


It was fitting with our Mardi Gras music and sugar overload.  Leyton loved the horns with the music and could not contain himself from dancing.


Lots of fun dancing and celebrating before we begin Lent tomorrow.  We talked about what we are giving up during this season of Lent and what we need to reflect on during this time.


But as for Fat Tuesday we celebrated, danced, ate king cake and as they say at Mardi Gras, "Laissez les bons temps rouler."  translated, "Let the good times roll!"