Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 7}

A recap of our week.....

Valentine's = sugar overload.  {February 12}

Rylan received an award at basketball for teamwork!  {February 13}

Happy Valentine's Day!  After church, the snow began to fall so we decided to spend the day of love together at the movies.  This was Leyton's first movie at the theater and he LOVED it!  {February 14}

Practicing his "Home Alone" screams in the bath tub tonight.  {Because why not, it has the best echo.}  {February 15}

Homework, book reports and lots of snow fort building.  {February 16}

My kitchen assistant hard at work.  {February 17}

Cookie thief caught in the act.  {February 18}

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