Sunday, March 13, 2016

A zoo visit with my little sidekick

The weather was somewhat decent this past week here.  Let me clarify "decent",  the temperatures were in the 50's and the snow was melting, that is big for here!

It means spring is just around the corner.  After school the boys and I took advantage of this weather and rode bikes, went to the park and played outside and while the boys were at school, Leyton and I went to the zoo.  I was actually surprised that there were not a lot more people at the zoo but that was fine with us.  Leyton had a front row seat at every exhibit.   The lion was roaring really loud and Leyton enjoyed watching him walk back and forth before perching himself on the rock above.


The polar bears were out playing and Leyton took a seat to watch them.


We continued to walk and look at the animals throughout the zoo.  We saw the tigers, prairie dogs, bison, seals, and giraffes before stopping at the playground to run around.


Look who I found in the kangaroo pouch....

Lots of playing can work up an appetite for this little guy.

Before leaving the zoo we checked out the primate house where Leyton made a friend.


Most of our days are filled with running errands or just playing at the house so this was such a nice change to finally be outside enjoying this precious time with Leyton.

Hopefully the weather is going to continue to warm up and we can enjoy more of these outings together while the older ones are at school.

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