Saturday, March 26, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 12}

A recap of our week and the beginning of our Spring Break road trip! More on our Spring Break travels later.....

High School Basketball games are a big deal around here!  Wannabe Warriors pulled off a WIN to play again tomorrow in the Wisconsin State Championship! {March 18}

Spring Break Road Trip!  {March 19}

Kevin and Holden went to the Pacers vs. Thunder Game.  I was hoping to have Kevin take pictures, since they had great seats, however, Kevin got my camera lens confiscated as they were walking through security.  Who knew that any lens over 6' inches is considered a weapon?!?  They had fun cheering on both teams and retrieved my lens before returning to the hotel.  These phone pictures will just have to go in the memory books for Spring Break 2016!  {March 20}

Fun in Indy! {March 21}

We hit a few of our favorite spots as we passed through Cincinnati.  {March 22}

"Mom, did you say DON'T get wet or GO get wet?" {March 23}

Egypt may have pyramids but they do not have A BASS PRO Pyramid.  {March 24}

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