Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moms vs Boys Basketball Game

Holden's basketball coach thought it would be a fun idea for the Moms to play the boys in a basketball game.  I think at first he did not expect a big response but every mom respond that they would be there.  I think he was actually excited.  The emails between the Moms were pretty hilarious like from one Mom she said, "Now the boys will know where they got their talent from!" and "I knew I saved my high school uniform for a reason."  and the best one was, "A coach once told me I could not hit an elephant with a handful of rocks."  For a week, emails went back and forth about the big game from warm up music to exercises we should be doing to solidify a win.   My only thought was I did not want to get hurt.  I have not played a basketball game since I was probably in 5th grade.  And even then, I really did not play that much.  In other words, we were in for a good laugh!

The pre-game festivities were the best!  They had music playing and the strobe light as the Moms ran onto the court and one of the boys sister's sang the National Anthem.

Yes, this was a big time game between the Moms and Boys!


Game time...it was all about hustle.  I am sure you can see from the pictures which Mom's took this game a little more serious than others.  At one point one of the Moms told us to D-UP...hilarious, and to run the zone play we talked about...Yeah, I did not know which "zone" I was suppose to be in! I just guarded Holden and stole the ball as much as I could.

But honestly, I was just thankful none of us got hurt during this showdown.   We play three quarters and somehow with the help of the refs, the Mom's pulled out a WIN 38-36!

Such fun memories, lots of laughs and a few sore Moms but it was totally worth it!

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