Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 14}

A busy couple of days, here is a recap of our week.

Good morning.  {April 1}

Wisconsin, you are killing me.  {April 2}

Crazy snow, sleet and winds yesterday.  Today, 68 degrees and bike rides on the trail with the boys.  {April 3}

Raise your hand if you voted....WE DID!  {April 4}

Holden decided that in addition to baseball, he wanted to try lacrosse this spring.  {Not sure how he talked us into this but that is another story}  So after a few snow, sleet and rain delays, tonight was his first practice.  {April 5}

Rainbow noodles at Power Hour.  {April 6}

Yes, it snowed again!  {April 7}

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