Sunday, April 24, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 15}

A recap of our week....

The loudest monkey in the gym!{April 8}

Saturday's are made for Mickey Mouse waffles and cartoons. {April 9}

The weather was horrible...cold, wet and rather nasty on Sunday so we decided to try out a new climbing place, Boulders.  This rock climbing venue was so much fun! The entire place was rock walls of every type of level.  There were even some levels that Leyton could climb as well.  The boys had a blast and burned off lots of energy.  This place was definitely a great find.     {April 10}

Spring sports get underway this coming weekend and I am stocking the freezer full of granola bars. protein bits and snacks to throw in the cooler before tournaments.  {April 11}

Perks to living so close to the park is that you can walk with friends to lacrosse practice.  {April 12}

Leyton is painting while I put away the dishes....this seems to working for the moment.  {April 13}

Mom's group outing....9 Moms, 14 toddlers and a fun morning at the zoo.  {April 14}

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