Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 16}

A recap of our week...

After weeks of waiting, tonight was the first baseball practice for this baller. {Just in time since opening day is next Saturday.} {April 15}

Every sport Leyton thinks he can do just like his brothers.  And from the looks of it, I think we may start him early.  {April 16}

Game Day! {Holden calms his nerves by dancing and dabbing}

Rylan does everything with full intensity, full speed, full of life and yes, he is in it to win it at all times.  {April 17}

Baller. {April 18}

These two.  {April 19}

When temperatures in Wisconsin hit 80, it calls for a celebration and fun with the water table.  {April 20}

Seatbelt, fishes, homemade bug hat, We are now ready to run errands.  {April 21}

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