Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring activities have begun!

Spring has finally arrived and so have spring sports.  Saturday, Holden had his first baseball tournament of the season in Illinois.  Kevin and Holden hit the road early but I snapped a few pictures before they left.

Holden likes to play music and dance to get rid of his jitters before he is dabbing....

{This is something Cam Newton does after a touchdown}  Just for memories sake, I thought I would include a glimpse of what goes into getting ready for tournaments....snacks, clothes, sunscreen, drinks....

While Kevin and Holden were at baseball, Rylan had his first soccer game of the season.  At his age they play 4 vs 4 however, on Saturday they did not have any subs.  Which meant Rylan played all three games entirely without sitting out.  Thankfully he loves soccer!

During one of the games,  he made a goal from mid field.  It was pretty impressive.  He plays much like his personality with full intensity, full speed, full of life and yes, you guessed it, he is in it to win it.

Leyton resisted the playground until the last game but then I had to go chasing after him.

After soccer I took advantage of the warmer temperatures and spent the remainder of the morning at the park with these wild two.

Rylan had baseball practice in the afternoon but there was still plenty of for playing lacrosse.

We are really loving this weather!  It was almost too hard to go in for the night.  {I am keeping my fingers crossed that it last!}

Sunday morning,  we packed up early and drove to Illionis for Holden's game.
Rylan and Leyton both came to the game prepared to play baseball as well.

This ballfield was perfect for Leyton because they had a playground right beside the field for the boys to play on.

Holden had great at bats and sometime in the field, but his team came up short to continue on for the day.

When we finally got back home and unloaded, the boys wanted to play more baseball.  I think they enjoy playing with Kevin as much as he loves playing with them.

This weekend is another full weekend of sports including Rylan's baseball season opener as well.  This spring is turning out to be a busy one but the boys are having so much fun playing soccer, baseball and lacrosse that we would not have it any other way.

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