Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break Road Trip {Stop #3}

Tuesday morning we left Cincinnati and headed south to Tennessee.

The boys love going to Tennessee to visit my family.  As soon as we unloaded the car, the boys were outside shooting hoops.


Leyton was busy chasing the cats and somehow found the popsicles.

It was my mom's birthday so on our way to Tennessee we stopped and got a cake to celebrate.  A few boys were excited to celebrate with her and one little one would not stop blowing out the candles!

Early the next morning, we visited the new Bass Pro Pyramid.

This place was crazy!  They had fish, alligators and a stuffed bear...oh my.

The boys were all in outdoor heaven.  They shot toy guns, which were a huge hit.

As we were leaving downtown, we showed the boys a few of Memphis' famous sights...

When we decided to go to Tennessee, I looked for activities for us to do and found something for everyone at Shelby Farms.  I made reservations for Rylan and I to take a horse trail ride.  Rylan is obsessed with animals and loves horses.  I knew he would love this adventure.  As the horses were getting saddled up, Rylan and I got fitted with our helmets.


I snuck this picture as we were riding...shh, don't tell.  Just look at Rylan, he looks like a pro.

After our trail ride we met the boys at the park.  This park was so much fun.  Lots of climbing and fun slides.

For Holden and Kevin's adventure, I arranged a reservation for them to "Go Ape".

This was amazing, they climbed and zip lined their way through Shelby Farm.  The entire obstacle coarse took 3 hours to complete but Holden and Kevin had the best time.

The younger boys and I watched them for a little while and we really loved watching them zip line across the lake.  Their expressions were the best!

Back at Grandaddy's the boys played basketball and enjoyed the Tennessee weather!  As you can imagine, leaving is always hard but our Spring Break Road Trip had to come to an end.

Back to reality, and back to the cold....oh Wisconsin!

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