Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A day at the farm

This past Thursday, my friend Amy from my Mom's group, invited our group to her parents farm.  They live about an hour away so once the boys were dropped off at school, Leyton and I headed to the farm.  As soon as we go there, Leyton ran straight to the riding toys.

He is a little bit of a wild man on motorized cars but he had a blast driving them.


We checked out the chickens and held the baby chicks.


Aren't they cute!

Next up, it was time to feed the sheep.  Amy's mom was so sweet and let all of the kids feed the animals.

We checked on the pigs and gave them a little food as well.

While we were in the barn, Leyton held the kittens.

At this point I realized, he is Rylan's twin and loves animals.  He was gentle and so sweet.  Before feeding the cows, we took a picture of all of the kids.

I know one day we will look back an realize just how sweet this time is.  This little farmhand helped feed the calf and collected eggs.  

Seriously, he was in little boy heaven.  The kids changed into swimsuits and ran around the yard with water guns and bubbles.  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed lunch outside.

 Amy's mom went all out with lunch!!  Just look at this fabulous spread!

After lunch, we walked over to see the horses before Leyton and I headed back home for carpool.

It was such a fantastic day on the farm.  Leyton loved playing with friends and the animals too.

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