Monday, May 2, 2016

Holden's first lacrosse games

Another busy weekend around here with sports.  Holden and Rylan both had baseball on Friday night.  Holden just had practice and Rylan had a game.  It was a little crazy on Friday, I dropped off Holden at practice to rush to Rylan's game then back to get Holden, then back to see then end of Rylan's get it, a lot of shuffling on a Friday night.

Saturday's agenda was much the same, Rylan soccer game, Holden two lacrosse games and then Rylan baseball game in the afternoon.  I know, we lead an exciting life over here! Just kidding, it is a lot of fun.

Holden's lacrosse team played their first games last weekend which he missed because of a baseball tournament so this weekend was his first games.  The one good thing about lacrosse, it that it is played right behind our house!  Leyton and I snapped a few pictures and watched him walk to warm up with his team.

I will go ahead and admit that I know nothing about lacrosse.  Our neighbor in Ohio played and taught the kids a little about throwing and such but that is about it.  Holden was so excited about playing his first games, he watched highlights on the computer of college teams and read the Lacrosse Magazine from cover to cover at least 5 times leading up to the games.  Finally it was game day!  His position is a Middie or Midfielder, which means he can run the entire field.

Lacrosse is interesting in the fact that you can check kids.

Holden went flying a couple of times but then he laid a couple of kids out as well.


This was all part of the game and legal except if you extend your arms and then you get a penalty call, which in the second game Holden got two!  During the first game the rain began to fall but it did not seem to bother the kids but as for me, I was freezing!  For the second game, I did not bring my camera because it was raining pretty hard and I missed the pictures of Holden making his first GOAL!  I know crazy!  He has never played before and gave it his all and made a GOAL!  He also received two penalties but he is still learning the game.  After the game, he was drenched and frozen but he said he loved every minute of it even the aggressive part of the game.

I have to admit, it was exciting to watch.  Thankfully, Rylan's baseball game was cancelled since we were all soaked, we called it a day.

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