Monday, May 9, 2016

Take me out to the ballgame...

Baseball season is in full swing!

Holden has a few professional baseball players that he really likes and follows such as Bryce Harper who plays for the Washington Nationals and Mike Trout who plays for the Los Angeles Angels.  On numerous occasions he has asked if he could see his favorite teams/players if they come close to where we live.   Well, I just happened to look at the Brewers schedule a few weeks ago and noticed that the Angels were coming to play the Brewers in Milwaukee, I knew we had to get tickets.

Monday after school, we headed to Milwaukee.  We wanted to get there early so we could see batting practice.

We actually got there before the doors opened so we walked around the ball field and found the last Hank Aaron home run plaque.

Finally the doors opened and as soon as we walked in, Holden spotted Mike Trout warming up.


We watch the Angels warm up and Holden caught a foul ball during their warm up!   As we were walking back to our seats, a player asked Rylan if he got a ball as well and he said, "No."  The guy then tossed him a ball. So exciting!!!!

There was a little time before the game started so we went and got food.


The teams started coming back out to warm up and the boys were right at the railing watching intently.  At one point, Rylan was yelling..."Mike Trout, Mike Trout!"  This kid!  Well, it worked!
Mike Trout walked over to give and autograph.  I am sure you can imagine everyone ran over to get an autograph.

Holden and Rylan pushed their way through and got their balls that they just got signed by Mike Trout!!!

I could not get over there fast enough but I did capture their reactions!  I love how Holden is in pure shock and Rylan is just plain excited!  They both gave high fives to him as well.  What a thrill.  You may have noticed that Holden's baseball number is the same as Mike Trout's....yes, he picked his number so you can imagine his excitement to be so close to someone he loves following and watching on tv.

The game was exciting.  Mike hit a home run and made some great plays in the field too.  


The boys had so much fun and loved all the game snacks.  In between games, Leyton was standing near the railing with his glove and an Angels player walked by and gave him a game ball.

Can you believe it, all three boys received game balls!  Crazy!  Leyton was so excited he would not let it go.

Such a fun night full of baseball memories for us all.

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