Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 25}

A recap of our week....

Holden's biggest fan giving him a hug after a great game!  {June 17}

Filling our time at the baseball fields with more baseball....{June 18}

Ending our weekend in Indianapolis.  Lots of baseball, adventures, laughs and fun with our favorite Dad!  Happy Father's Day!  {June 19}

Today's lettuce harvest.  {June 20}

This week, these ballers are at the UW Basketball Camp.  {June 21}

Ahoy there Matey!  Longer days equal lots of extra playground time.  {June 22}

Everyday seems to be a "popsicle day" around here.  {June 23}

Indianapolis and a baseball tournament

Last weekend, Holden had a baseball tournament in Indianapolis and we all decided to join in the rode trip and cheer him on and also, I love Indy.  We arrived into Indianapolis late Thursday night however, we did not have to be at the ballfields until late Friday afternoon.  With that in mind, we headed downtown for a little sight seeing.  Kevin and I thought it would be fun to rent a surrey with the kids and ride along the canal.  Well, the only one we could get was one where Rylan and Leyton had to ride in the front and Holden was between us as we pedaled.  As you can imagine, it was a pretty funny sight to see.

We bike along the canal which was planked with flowers, shops and great views of the skyline.

Once we finished, we had to eat lunch and get back to the hotel before the game.  And would you know, Leyton feel asleep as soon as we arrived at the ball park.

The first game was a WIN for the Rays and the second game was close but ended up losing.

Saturday morning, we were back up and headed to the games again.

Leyton filled his time between games by playing baseball with the kids.  Go figure, this kid is baseball all day, everyday.


Holden's team played two back to back games and came up short in both which meant we were out of bracket play for Sunday.  Instead of headed home, we decided to hang around and go to the zoo.


Indianapolis has a wonderful zoo with lots of neat exhibits but our favorite of all was the dolphins.

We watched the dolphin show in amazement.  It really was fantastic.

After viewing a few more animals, feeding the giraffe and a few more rides on the carousel, we started our long drive back to Wisconsin.

Even though it was a disappointing weekend of baseball, all was not lost, we had a few fun family outings that provided lots of laughs and a few crazy stories for us to share for years to come!