Sunday, June 5, 2016

A messy playdate

Since the boys are still in school for the next couple of days, I am making the most of it being just Leyton and I.  Last week,  I invited my friend Amy and her little boy Jack over for a playdate.  The weather forecast called for it to be warm and sunny so I thought it would be fun to let the boys paint with pudding.  Holden and Rylan loved this when they were little but as I was looking back, I realized that I've never done this with Leyton.  I mixed up a couple of boxes of pudding and set it all up in the backyard.  At first these two were not sure what to think of being allowed to get dirty but then they got into it!

They painted themselves and then each other.


These two little guys chased each other around the yard with their paint brushes for awhile before wanting to get clean.


Since the water was a little chilly, I decided to pull out the water guns.  Even little boys love water guns just like the older ones.

I think I may have gotten sprayed a few times as well.  Lots of laughs and messy fun together with friends makes for a day full of memories.  These little guys had the best time!   I miss having Holden and Rylan this age, it was always so much fun to play all day.   I guess this is a reminder that I need to plan more of these playdates for Leyton.  

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