Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Big Rig Gig

While Kevin and Holden were in Chicago for baseball, I had the little kids all weekend.  We swam, played in the water, attended baseball and soccer games, watched movies and on Sunday after church, we attended our Village Big Rig Gig.  The is where they have firetrucks, police cars, tractors and other big trucks that the kids can go on and act like they are driving.  Rylan and Leyton were excited especially when they found out that they could honk the horns.  Not sure who thought of this but man, it was loud!  We started with the hook and ladder truck and worked our way down the line.

 When we got to the ambulance, Rylan somehow talked the paramedic into strapping him onto the stretcher.  This kid!

We visited several other trucks before making our way their favorite army truck.

They loved trying on helmets and watching the robot.


Such a fun afternoon going from truck to truck with these little guys.

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