Thursday, June 16, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 23}

A busy but fun week!  Here is a little recap of our JOYS.....

They were loud and crazy but these two friends had fun painting with pudding.  {June 3}

It's the last Friday with it being "just the two of us."  {June 4}

Rylan scored 11 goals this morning!  What a way to end this soccer season.  {June 5}

Always on the go... Happy Sunday! {June 6}

My peonies are in full bloom and are absolutely gorgeous! {June 7}

Time to celebrate, school is out for SUMMER!!!  Let the fun begin! {June 8}

As tradition goes, the first day of summer break calls for watermelon waffles. {A little someone could not resist} {June 9}

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