Wednesday, June 15, 2016

School is OUT!!!!

Last Tuesday was the boys last day of school for the boys.  Holden's last day of 4th Grade and Rylan's last day of 1st Grade.

Hard to believe.  Leyton is a little excited to have the boys home for summer.

Actually, we are all pretty excited for SUMMER BREAK!!!

Let the fun begin.  We made and posted our "Summer Adventures" list on the chalk board and are eager to start checking off some adventures.

In the meantime, here is little of what we have be up to....  Part of our "new" summer routine is riding bikes to the library.  Its great exercise and the boys love a biking excursion.

Lots of afternoons at the pool.  We have been extremely lucky with the weather, it has been warm and muggy...just how I like summer!


Now that we do not have to rush to school, we can enjoy some fun summer themed breakfast....watermelon waffles are a favorite around here.  

A little bit of night fishing before the summer storms roll in...the boys have grown to love fishing and ask every day can we go.

Nature our neighborhood, we have a prairie conservatory which is just a trail with lots of tall grass and wild flowers.

Oh and I could I


Well, it does not seem like a very exciting start to summer but it has been nice to have a few days of nothing planned.  Next week, the boys have camps, games and a few activities that our slow days of nothing are soon going to be filled with lots of places to be and memories to be made....Happy Summer Break!!!

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