Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Strawberry picking!

It's our annual trip to the berry farm for strawberry picking.  This year we decided to go back to the same farm we visited last year, Bures Berry Farm.  We all enjoy picking fresh strawberries and it is a little bit of a competition to see who can pick the most between the four of us.  The weather was perfect as we set off to the fields to start picking.

The berries looked great and they were easy to pick.

This year, I think it was a tie between Holden and Rylan for the most strawberries.  I think Leyton  may have eaten his weight is strawberries.  Seriously, every time I looked over, he had another one in his mouth!


And so did Holden and Rylan as well.


They were just too pretty not to eat!

We picked a little over 10 pounds of strawberries before heading to the other side of the farm to see the animals.  They had chickens and lots and lots of cows.


Hello there!

I have to admit, I miss our favorite berry farm in Ohio but we are keeping our summer tradition of strawberry picking and making lots of fun memories along the way.

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