Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend Recap

After a jammed packed holiday weekend, we are still recovering!  Here is a little recap of our weekend with lots of pictures!!!

Here we go....Friday night Rylan spent the night with a friend so it was just Leyton and Holden at home with us.  Holden had been asking all week to go fishing so we tried one fishing hole and did not have much luck but the view was pretty.

Then we tried another pond and did not have much luck there either.  However, the boys did end up catching these tiny fish before calling it a night.

Earlier in the week, we made reservations for Saturday to go canoeing down the Wisconsin River. I decided to do a separate post on this adventure next.

Sunday, we had two 4th of July parties to attend.  I did not take any pictures at the first party but lets just say, the kids had an epic water balloon fight, they ran around the yard with water guns, and played on two huge water floats.  It was fun!

The next party was at the lake with all of Holden's friends from school.  One of his classmates had a lake house and they have a huge party with fireworks each year.  They have a zipline that goes from the clubhouse to a tree.

It was so much fun.  Since we did not go last year, we did not know what to expect.

Honestly, I was thinking a few fireworks in the yard but I was wrong.  They actually had boats lined across the lake waiting to watch the fireworks.

The weather was gorgeous and the sunset was pretty amazing as well.  We decided to sit on the deck so that Leyton could get a better view.

The firework show went on for about an hour and I must say, it was pretty spectacular!

Monday, the 4th, Holden's teammate Keegan and his family invited us back up to the lake for tubing. Our boys were in heaven!  They had so much fun jumping off the dock and playing on the rafts.

This was the first time for both boys to go tubing and both of them had very different reactions.  Holden absolutely love it!


Seriously, he had a smile on his face the entire time!  He was fun to watch.  Rylan on the other hand, I could not decide if he liked it or if he was fearing for his life.


Connor was bouncing in the tube to make it jump and Rylan I think was a little scared but quickly, he started to have fun.

Out of all of the kids, Rylan was the only one not to fall off of the tube!  Pretty good for a little guy.

 As we were boating, Leyton fell asleep!  This has not happened in months so I enjoyed holding him while taking pictures of the kids tubbing.

We ended the holiday weekend with fireworks.


It was such a fun and festive weekend celebrating together.  Happy 4th!

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