Friday, July 1, 2016

A weekend of baseball

I know it probably seems like our lives are filled with just baseball...well, for the moment, it is.  This past weekend we were filled with baseball.   Rylan had his end of the season tournament, even though his last game is not until tonight and Holden had a tournament as well.  Both boys tournaments began on Friday which meant, we were all going different directions.  Kevin took Holden to his, which was a little over an hour away, while Leyton and I went to cheer on Rylan.  Rylan's tournament was set-up that his team needed to win two games to play on Sunday.  Friday's game was an exciting one.  Rylan played catcher, shortstop, pitcher and center field.

With this age group, the kind of play all over.  Rylan made some great plays and had some great hits!


  His team ended up winning!  Can you feel the excitement!

Saturday, we were back out at the ballfields.  Kevin and Holden came for most of the game.

Rylan played great and his team ended up winning again!  These boys were pretty excited!

After the game, they had laser tag set-up for the players and kids to play.  Leyton was really into it!  We did not stay too long to play so that we could get to Holden's game.

Holden played 2nd and had some great hits.

However, his team came up short which meant he had a super early game on Sunday morning.  Yikes!

Rylan's team was scheduled to play at 10:30 on Sunday however, when we woke up, it was raining.  Holden was playing in Mauston at 8 and since they are on turf fields, they play no matter what.  Rylan's game however, was on a rain delay until 2:30.  Holden's team won their first game and then played again at 11:30 and lost.  They made it back to Madison just in time to see Rylan's game.  Leyton fell asleep as soon as we got to the ball field and stayed asleep much of the first game.


Rylan's team played really hard however, came up a little short for the championship.   They were still in bracket play for 3rd place.  Rylan played pitcher, third base and center.  It is fun to watch Rylan because he is so animated.  This is the look when he threw someone out at first!

And this is the look when he realizes, they just WON!

It was busy weekend of baseball and even though some of the games did not go as we had hoped for, both boys had fun and did their best and that is what really matters.

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