Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby's got a new ride!

It never fails that every time we are at a park, a friends house or even at a store, Leyton tries to ride a big boy bike.  I was telling Kevin the other day that we needed to buy Leyton a bike with training wheels since the boys old one did not survive this last move.  On Friday, Kevin surprised Leyton with this.....

Oh what joy!  Leyton could not get his bike out of the car fast enough.

I put his helmet on before he test drove his new ride but I must add, he hates his helmet!  Finally, Leyton obliged and wore his helmet.


The boys took turns helping Leyton pedal along.  We still need to work on pedaling, however,  Leyton has the breaking down pat!


I can not believe Leyton is old enough to even ride a bike but at the same time, I keep wondering why we did not get him one earlier.  Look at the excitement on this little guys face.

Holden and Rylan like to tell Leyton that he is number #1 and that is what we got with our group picture...#1 baby brother with his new bike.

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