Saturday, July 23, 2016

Baseball season has come to an end...

Holden's baseball season has come to a close.  His final tournament was this past weekend in Mauston, WI.  Mauston is a little over an hour away so each day we drove back and forth. Saturdays games were close but his team ended up losing both games.  Holden played hard but I think the team dynamic over the past couple of weeks had gone down hill.  I think we were all not surprised by the outcome of Saturdays games.

Leyton did not seem to mind being at the ball field all day.  He snuck out on a field to practice his front rolls in between games.

I bought him the cutest shirt, however, it did not arrive on time so we will save it for next said, "I have no life, my brothers play baseball!"  

Since Holden's team lost both games, that meant they played bright and early Sunday morning.  I promised Holden that we would go to all the games since this was the last tournament, and we did.  Leyton has made little friends over the season that play and feed him lots of treats!


Sundays game was a better game but the Rays could not pull out a win.  It was a tough way to end the season but honestly, I do not think it bothered Holden as much as I thought it would.   I think he was thankfully that the season was over.

Baseball is one of those games that there are lots of highs and low.  I think Babe Ruth said it best, "The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the team won't be worth a dime."

Even though this baseball season was filled with more lows than highs as a team, Holden developed more as a player through fielding, batting and dealing with adversity.   

Holden grew as a teammate and learn that hard work does pay off over time.  The 10U Rays may not have won every game but they did have lots of fun together and together, they made tons of baseball memories!

Both boys have decided to play fall ball along with football this fall,  so officially we have not hung up our bats just yet....

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