Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rollin' down the river...

Over the holiday weekend we made plans to go canoeing down the Wisconsin River.  The kids were so excited about going and to be honest, I was too!

We really lucked out with the weather, it was absolutely beautiful.  When we first set out on our adventure, I had Leyton and Rylan in my canoe.  Rylan was such a big help paddling.

Along the river, there are several sandbars.   We first stopped at one to explore and have lunch.

The kids played in the water before we paddled some more down the river.  We switched kids out and Holden paddles with me this time to the next sandbar.

This time the boys played football, played in the sand and just enjoyed the day.

We were suppose to get off at a specific stop but decided to go down a little bit further then turn around and go back to the stop.  Well, we were not exactly thinking and went a lot further only to realize that going back would be against the about a workout!!!  Wow!  Lesson learned. But other than the going against the current for about 4 miles, it was a wonderful day!  The boys are already planning our next canoeing trip.  This time they have a different 10 mile route to should be a lot of fun and lots of memories.

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