Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Boys of Fall

This past weekend was Holden's football season opener.  As usual, I tried to take pictures before the game but all I got was this "tough" look!   Sigh....

Saturday morning Holden woke up a little nervous about the game but once he was out with his team he was calm.


He was selected to be one of the team captains and participated in the coin toss.


After the coin toss, it was game time.  Thankfully, the rain slacked off a little bit but it was still horrible playing conditions.

Holden's position is quarterback for his team.  Most of the time he hands the ball off but then sometimes he gets a chance to run the ball.

He had a few great runs and even did the "stiff arm" for a few more yards.   It was pretty funny to watch.  

There were a few huge tackles from the other team and then there were a few celebrations a well.

On defense, Holden had a few good tackles and all of this teamwork ended with a 19-0 WIN for the Warriors!

Holden's cheering team was there to greet him after the game.

A great season opener for the 5th Grade Warriors, despite the rain.  

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 34}

I am a little behind posting but here is a recap of the Week 34.....

These two definitely give us a run for our money but gosh, they are so darn cute!  {August 19}

"A happy heart has a continual feast, but heartache crushes the spirit."  Proverbs 13:13  {August 20}

Arr, Matey.  {I love a good kids themed birthday party!}  {August 21}

And just when I think baseball has ended, Fall Ball begins.  {August 22}

Twins.  {August 23}

Wild and Free.  {August 24}

Life behind the fences.  {August 25}