Sunday, August 7, 2016

A New Green Bay Packers Fan????

Last week, Holden was invited by one of his friends to attend the American Family Dream Drive in Green Bay.  This is an event sponsored by American Family where Packer players ride to the practice facility on bicycles with fans.  Holden and his friend Evan were at the even to help out but they also got to participate as well.  They were able to check out the hotel water park before they attended a dinner for the event.

Look at the Stadium at night!!!

From the pictures Evan's dad sent,  it looks like they had a blast.  Tuesday morning, look who we spotted on ESPN Sports Center.....Holden!!!!  It was hilarious watching him wave at the tv crew.


While at the Dream Drive Event the boys helped some of the participants get on their bikes.

They also had the privilege to meet Randall Cobb,

Eddie Lacy

and Jordy Nelson.

So many fun memories made and we may just have a new Green Bay Packers fan.

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