Thursday, August 11, 2016

And we are off.....

Up, up and away we go....

Before we spent the week at the beach, we decided to stop in Atlanta for a few days.  It was an easy flight but the timing was wrong and the kids were starving once we got our rental car.  Poor little Leyton fell asleep eating Chickfila...

just like a good ole' southern boy.  Welcome to Atlanta traffic!

After a day of travel, it was time for a little fun.  My father inlaw, better known as Dad Daddy,  had made water balloons for the kids to have a water balloon fight.  As you can see, it was a success.


Thursday morning we all visited a new place called Slingshot.  This place was opened by a American Ninja Warrior Competitor and is set up like the obstacle course on tv.  They even have a Jr. Ninja for Leyton.  Holden and Rylan both loved climbing and swinging on the ropes.

Funny story...Kevin wanted to "beat the wall"  and lost and ended up pulling his hamstring....getting older is the pits!!!!

Again that afternoon, we played baseball and water balloons and guns again.  


I love how as we were playing baseball, Rylan and Dad-daddy start comparing muscles....

These two!

In the middle of the water gun fight came a southern shower.


Friday, we drove past our old house and it looked the same as it did when we moved 7 years ago!

We stopped by to see old friends and neighbors before we headed to one of our favorite parks when the boys were little.  This time, all three boys enjoyed the park together.

Saturday morning, we hit the road early.

Destination....the beach.  Once we unloaded the car, we headed straight for the beach.

The boys just wanted to jump in the water.  Our first night beach sunset did not disappoint!  I got the best pictures of the kids running around and just being boys.

Ahh, I love the beach!  The salt water smell, the sand, the sun, and yes, these three.

Beach days 1 & 2 are coming up next.....

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