Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beach Days 1 & 2

This years beach trip we decided to go back to Florida.  We were in the same 30A area two years ago just not at the same property.  Our condo was so nice, the kids absolutely loved their room because of the double bunk beds which meant no fighting over the top bunk!  Another reason why we decided on this location was that it had a dune lake where you could canoe, kayak and there was a boat that would take you to and from the private beach if you did not want to walk back.

Anyways, on our first full day at the beach we enjoyed it all!  The sun, the waves, the "fishing", and of course, the snacks.

Leyton loved digging in the sand and making sand castles.  Honestly, I think he could have sat there all day digging and dumping sand.

After spending most of the day at the beach, we hopped on our bikes to explore.  It was not too long into our ride that we looked over and saw that Leyton was out!


Poor babe.  We biked over to Seaside and then back to the condo for a little swimming.

Day 2,  Leyton joined me bright and early outside for cuddles and coffee.


Shortly after, all of the kids were up and we drove to Alys Beach for Charlie's Donut Truck.  These were a hit.


Once were were back from donuts, it was sun, sand and these three.


That night we went out for night crabbin.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous as the boys ran after crabs.


We actually got pretty lucky this year and the boys caught probably around 25.  This outing is always a highlight of each beach trip.


Next up, our snorkeling adventure and more beach fun....

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