Monday, August 8, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 30}

Here is a little recap of our week.....

Kevin enjoys organizing team building events with his group to help build a good work/play atmosphere.  You would think with him being a director of insurance that these events would be low risk but instead he has held group ice skating, a ropes course, kick ball and now sand volleyball.   The boys and I decided to come and watch this afternoon.  Let's just say, it was entertaining for all of us!   {July 22}

Leyton has gone from telling me his Marshall bike was broke to speed racer within a few days.  Baby boy is growing up way too fast!  {July 23}

This is just another reason why I love gardening....all of these roasted vegetables and herb are from our garden.  {July 24}

Pope Farm's sunflowers....such beauty.  {July 25}

Watching Holden and his friend run with Randall Cobb to the Green Bay practice facility on ESPN Sports Center.  Such fun memories.  {July 26}

Up, up and away we go.  {July 27}

Future American Ninja Warrior.  {July 28}

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