Monday, September 26, 2016

Rylan's 8th Nerf War Birthday Party

It's time to celebrate Rylan turning 8!  

Unlike Holden, Rylan wanted a big party to celebrate his birthday.  And after discussing different options, we opted not for a party at the house but some where that would allow a Nerf War Party.  After calling several places, we decided on a playscape place so that the kids could have "bases" while they had their Nerf War.

Before we started the war, each guest received Nerf War bags that I made to hold their bullets, guns and so forth.  

For safety, everyone received googles and rules about the Nerf War.

Once everyone was set, it was time for battle.  The kids were wild and crazy!

I kept the party pretty simple with pizza, battle chips and cheese pellets.


I made target cookies for both the party and as their take home goodies.


For the cake, it was all about the nerf bullets!  I made three separate sized cakes and each one was colored camouflage.


I wish I would have taken a picture of the first layer, it looked so cute but this will have to do.


Lots of Nerf battles, running and lots of sweaty boys make for a perfect way to celebrate this special 8 year olds birthday.

Best of all, he said it was the best birthday ever!  He says this every year but I'll take it as a successful party.

Everyday Joys {Week 38}

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Friday, September 23, 2016

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Apple Picking

One of my favorite fall activities is to go apple picking.  We have had this family tradition for years and it usually marks the beginning of fall for us.  Our weekends are usually pretty busy with sports now that Holden and Rylan are both in several but we found some time this past Sunday to visit the apple orchard.

The night before Holden went to a sleepover at a friends house and lets just say, I do not think there was a whole lot of sleeping.  Rylan and Leyton hitched a ride in the wagon to visit the animals.  I honestly do not know how these two could be more alike.  They love animals!

After saying "hello" to all of the animals, we walked over to the orchard for a little apple picking.  Part of the crop was damaged by the late frost we had in the spring but there still plenty of beauties.

There was a lot of "taste testing" going on as we were picking.  It did not take us too long to get almost 20 pounds of apples.

Which sounds like a lot but I know in no time these will all be gone.  Especially after we make apple sauce, crisps and a special request for pie.  It's hard to believe that it is already fall!  The boys made a list of all the "must" fall activities they want to do before it gets cold around here....I suppose we better get started!

On the way home, we took a different route to go around the lake.

What a beautiful almost fall Sunday.