Sunday, September 11, 2016

E I G H T !

Our funny, energetic, life of the party, ball of fire Rylan turn 8!

We decided to have his birthday party in two weeks due to schedules, games and so forth.  But Friday, it was all about Rylan.  He had birthday waffles in the morning.

Leyton decided it was his birthday too.

Leyton and I ate lunch with Rylan at school and joined him for a little bit of recess before calling it a day.

After school, Rylan had a friend over to play and per his request, we opened gifts ate pizza, cake and watched a movie.

Rylan asked for a specific Mega Nerf Gun and since I LOVE Amazon Prime, I had it shipped to the house a few weeks ago but little did I know that his gun was HUGE!!!!


Seriously, it is bigger than Leyton and almost as big as Rylan!  Ah, of course, it was "the best gift ever."

Since his party is in a few weeks and I am make a special cake for that day, he just wanted chocolate cake with sprinkles for his birthday dinner.


Honestly, I can not believe Rylan is 8, in my eyes, I still see him as a wild three year old climbing in the pantry for snacks.  He is still climbing in the pantry for snacks but he is just a little bit bigger now and a little more sneaky.  As much as Rylan keeps me on my toes, he keeps me laughing as well.  Happy 8th Birthday Rylan!!

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