Wednesday, September 7, 2016

LSU and the Birthday Boy

Holden's big birthday gift this year was tickets to the LSU vs. Wisconsin game.  This game has had so much hype around here for two reasons, one it was the Badgers season opener and two, the game was being played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.   Kevin was expecting the traffic to be outrageous so the two of them left super early Saturday morning.  Once they arrived in Green Bay they met up with one of Kevin's coworkers for a tailgate.  Well, wouldn't you know right beside their tailgate was this setup.....  

Holden was in awe!  Which was hilarious!    The couple invited Holden and Kevin over for jambalaya and some good ole' southern food.  

ESPN Sports Center Game Day was live and as you can see, it was packed!!

The two had great seats for the game.


And even thought the game did not go as planned, this LSU birthday boy loved every minute of the experience and the game.

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