Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekend review.

It was a busy weekend of sports!  Holden had a football game Saturday morning and once again, it was raining!  What are the chances?  Holden was on defense and during a tackle, he stripped the ball and gained a few yards before he was tackled as well.

There were lots of good runs, tackles and good plays.

While all this was going on, Leyton was working on his gymnastics.  This kid was soak and wet!

Holden's team played hard but in the end, came up a little short for the win.

After everyone dried off and changed clothes, it was off to Rylan's first soccer game.   This season, Rylan moved up because of his birth year and lets just say, it made a huge difference.  His poor team was out played and out scored big time.  As my Memaw would say, "Bless their hearts."  Rylan played hard running up and down the field.

His persistence finally payed off and he scored the only goal for his team.

He was excited but at the same time, defeated.

Sunday his team played again and unfortunately, they were out played again.  Rylan did score again and played goalie.  However, I do not have pictures because I stayed at home to take Holden to a lacrosse clinic at the same time.  This was my Sunday view.

Our weekend was busy with games but we were still able to enjoy the beautiful weather together.

I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and was reminded that in this busy season we are in to embrace the chaos...

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Another busy week ahead with homework, test, safety patrol, preschool, committee meetings, Fall baseball, football, flag football, soccer, lacrosse and I am sure I forgot something else this week.....

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