Sunday, October 9, 2016

Visitors and a weekend recap

Kevin's parents came in town last Thursday for a visit.  It just happen to be a crazy weekend full of sports, school activities and tryouts.

Thursday the boys had homework along with football and soccer practice.  Friday, the boys school had a family Color Run and we all participated.

It was messy, fun and colorful!

Saturday morning, it was raining once again for Holden's football game.  

Despite the weather conditions, Holden had a touchdown and two interceptions!  It was fun for his grandparents to see him play.

Rylan had two soccer games later that afternoon in the rain as well.  The first game Rylan was the only one to score and they lost big time.

The second game was a little better and Rylan scored 4 goals but tit still was not enough for his team to win but they played really well.

Sunday, was just as busy with activities.  Rylan had his first indoor baseball winter training and another soccer game.  Holden had lacrosse training and basketball tryouts.

And in between games, homework and tryouts, we made time for playing at the park.  As you can imagine, the grandparents were tired when left on Tuesday!  It was a quick visit but I think everyone had a great time together.

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