Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Break in Colorado {Part 2}

Day two in Colorado Springs:  We started out our morning watching the Air Force Training.  They had plane after plane taking off from the academy and then once they reached a certain altitude, they would have trainees parachute out of the plane.

It was so neat to watch and honestly, I think I could have given the kids a cooler of food and they would have sat there all day watching planes go up and planes coming down but instead, we had more plans for the day.   We drove over to the Garden of the Gods and since this was our first time ever seeing this natural formation, we were in awe.


It was absolutely spectacular!  The magnitude of the formations and with the Rockies in the back it was a sight to see.  Garden of the Gods is a National Park that is owned by the city.   We were at the park pretty early, which was great.  Not only was it not crowded, there were animals everywhere!!!


We saw tons of rabbits and the deer would just walk right in front of us.  The kids went crazy!!!  They declared, we should move to Colorado.  HA!

We walked around for a while admiring the sight and trust me, there was beauty all around us!


One of Rylan's request when we were planning this trip was to ride horses.  So before we left town, I found a ranch that offered horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods and thought this would be a perfect experience for us.

Holden, Rylan and myself did the trail ride and Kevin stayed back with Leyton and rode ponies around the ranch.  Our guide Pasqual was the best!  He told stories about the Gardens, told us where we should go while we were in town and gave us the history about the Gardens and the lands around us.  It was a great experience and the views.....WOW!


It was so peaceful and surreal.

Once we finished horseback riding, we headed over to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

This is the only mountain zoo in the United States and we thought this would be a perfect outing for Leyton.  Well, it ended up that all three boys loved this zoo.  They had a ton of hand on experiences with the animals like feeding the giraffes.  Look at those tongues!

The boys also fed the birds and did I mention that there were animals just walking about the zoo.

Leyton loved walking around and looking at all of the animals.  Again, the views were not bad either.


It was a jam packed second day in Colorado Springs that ended with Tex-mex and watching baseball in bed!  More adventure to come on our Fall break in Colorado....

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