Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Break in Colorado

The boys were out of school for a few days last week, we decided to take advantage of our little break and head out of town.

The boys were exhausted once landed in Denver.

After a goodnight sleep, we hit the town running.....First stop, The Natural History and Science Museum.  This museum was fantastic!

The boys read about animals, pretended they were in space and played in the hands on experience centers.

It was so much fun.

After lunch we made our way over Coors Field for a tour of the Colorado Rockies Baseball facilities.


As we all know, the boys are huge baseball fans and well shortly after this tour began, we quickly became Colorado Rockies fans as well.


We received an inside look into the stadium, the field, the dugout and the players locker room.


We learned so many neat details and inside stories about the Rockies.   We just wish would could have seen a game.  The stadium was beautiful and view were not that bad either!

As we were leaving Denver enroute for Colorado Springs, we saw The Sports Authority Stadium...home of the Denver Broncos.

We also could not get enough of the mountain views as well.

After a busy first day, we called it a night...more Fall Break recap to come soon.

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