Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

What a busy few days.  I will post all about our fall break trip to Colorado....it was so much fun and I have so many memories to share but first a recap of Halloween.

We returned back for Colorado late Saturday night and spent most of Sunday doing laundry, homework, and getting ready for a busy week ahead.  We did have a little time to carve pumpkins as a family.  They turned out great!

As much as I love a good themed and coordinated Halloween family costumes, Holden had other ideas this year.  Which was fine, I decided to pick my battles and this was not one of those.  He decided he wanted to be a "scary biker"  but in his words, "not too scary just tough looking"  That is how he came up with this "Bad to the Bone Biker."

Rylan and Leyton quickly decided on being Army Guys.  Well, actually I think Rylan told Leyton he was going to be an Army guy with him and he said yes.


We had a pretty good crew over to the house before heading out to collect candy.  Holden had a few friends over and Rylan met up with a few and Leyton had his best buddy Jack over.  They were all so cute.


Holden and his friends ran way ahead of us but the little ones stayed back with us to go Trick-or-Treating.  Rylan was such a big help until he met up with his buddies and then he was off running.


The weather was beautiful!  A little chilly but not too bad for this time of year.

As much as I tried to capture Leyton and Jack, they were off and running too....just so much excitement in one day!!!!

And, that is a wrap on another Halloween with plenty of laughs, fun memories with friends and LOTS of candy!  A Total Success!!!  Happy Halloween 2016!!!

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