Thursday, December 8, 2016

Leyton's Race Car Party

Saturday we celebrated Leyton's birthday with a few of his buddies at the local gymnastics gym.  The staff was fantastic!  They set up an obstacle coarse that was perfect for these 4 and 5 year olds.  Leyton had the best time jumping, swinging and running!

As luck would have it, when I planned Leytons party Holden did not have any basketball games but somehow with in a few weeks, Holden ended up having 4 games!  This meant that Kevin and Holden missed out on the fun.  Thankfully, Rylan was such a big help and kept the little kids inline.  

After lots of running and jumping, it was time for cake and cookies.  Leyton was pretty clear that he wanted a race car party.  I know this really did not go with the "gymnastics theme"  but I just went with it.  I made 4 cookies that looked like a road, stoplight brownies and cake!

The decorations I kept pretty simple with a road table cloth and cones.

For the kids goodie bags, I made 4 cookies and attached a hot wheel.

Lots of presents, excitement and fun as we celebrated this special little 4 year old.  

When we finally got home, Rylan and Leyton could not wait to play Pie face Showdown.


These two laughed and laughed!  What a fun little celebration!  Happy Birthday Leyton!

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