Thursday, December 22, 2016

Life Lately...

December is always a busy month with holiday celebrations, school activities, Leyton's birthday, sports, family fun and how can we forget, Christmas.  Well, this year, we can add recovering from surgery.  Say what?!  What was I thinking!  Let me back up, here is a little background.  I have always had terrible feet but I've learned to just live with the pain and honestly, I was not ever planning on doing anything about it until.... Over the summer my second toe dislocated from the bone.  Honestly, I did not feel any pain and I can not tell you when it happened.  I just kept working out every morning and going on with our active lifestyle until I realized that my second toe would not go back into position.   Yes, only then was when I decided to go to the doctor.

Shortly after getting x-rays my doctor referred me to a specialist.

I knew at that point I had to do something as much as I did not want to.   So let's fast forward to last Thursday, I almost backed out of the surgery but my doctor explain to me the damage that I would cause by not correcting all of the issues.

Since we do not have family here, Kevin and the kids dropped me off at the surgery center around 6:45 am.  Kevin then took all of the kids to school before rushing back to see me before I went into the operating room.  As far as the pre-surgery and actual surgery, everything went great except for the IV, the poor nurse ended up popping two of my vein and I almost passed out but other than that minor derailment, everything went really well.   The nurses and all of the staff were fabulous!  They explained everything and were really amazing at calming my nerves.  My doctor was able to reattach the ligaments to the bone on the bottom of my foot, he took out part of three bones to help elevate the pressure on my toe and straighten out two bones.  Now, I am the owner of 4 screws, 3 are permeant and one will be taken out in 6 weeks.

We returned home around 12:30 and my little sidekick joined me on the couch as we began the journey to recovery.


Now being a week removed from the surgery I am feeling okay.  I can not put any weight on my left foot yet because of the stitches and healing process so I have been jumping around on crutches which I HATE!  Seriously, I can not stand not running around but I know in the long run, this was the best decision.  We have watched movies and yes, all of the kids love to sit all around me.  Next week I get stitches out, more x-rays and a walking boot.  Hopefully, I will feel a little more like myself once I can walk a little more freely.

Agg, until then, I am going to make the most of cuddling and slowing down during this Christmas season.  It will be one that I will for sure remember for awhile.  

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