Thursday, January 19, 2017

Basketball is in full swing

Holden and Rylan are both playing basketball this winter.  Holden is playing for his school team as well as BDL.  As you can imagine, we are running from one place to another.  This past weekend, I was able to catch a few of Holden's games.  On Saturday he played for his school team.  


Leyton was in his element cheering Holden on!

This kid!  Up until Saturday, Saint John had not won a game all season until Saturday.  Everyone was super excited and it was a fun game with classmates.

Sunday, was a full day of BDL basketball games.  These are a little different, Holden's team is undefeated.  I suppose a little of both worlds keeps you humble.  This team is a little more serious and disciplined but at the same time they are all learning together.

Rylan was with Kevin at his practice/game so no pictures from his weekend, hopefully I will capture some this weekend.  I guess it is safe to say we are in basketball mode for the next couple of months.

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