Friday, January 20, 2017

Life Lately....

It has been a busy week so I thought I would give a little update on life over here in Antartica, I mean Wisconsin.

Besides freezing in car pool, Leyton started swimming lesson this past week and loves it!  However, he can not float to save his life!  Every time he leans back into the water, his legs go straight up in the air.  HAHA.  I suppose that is why we are taking lessons.

Holden was chosen to participate in the school Spelling Bee.  He did great but was eliminated in the 10th round.  The sad part about him being eliminated is that he spelled the word correctly but he paused and was suppose to start back from the beginning instead of continuing.  Oh well, he did fantastic and we were super proud of him.

Leyton had a little buddy over to play and all I can say is "Watch out World!".  These two are crazy drivers!

Rylan has been working on lots of lego projects and my dining room has turned into a mecca of legos.


Most days Leyton and I eat lunch at home but on Friday we had lunch out and he was excited to be my little lunch date for the day.

The kids were out of school on Monday for MLK but Leyton still had his sports class.  Holden and Rylan joined us as we ran around playing baseball, basketball and tumbling.  Afterwards, it was lunch and milkshakes with these three.

Tuesday morning I was scheduled to have a pin removed from my foot but as luck would have it, schools were cancelled due to ice.  Which meant I had to cancel my appointment as well.  Agh, here I am still in the boot until Monday.

Instead, once the roads were cleared we ventured out to the movies.

Well,  that is a little bit of what's been going on around here mixed in with school, homework, basketball and baseball practices.

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