Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's been going on....

A little update on life around here.  Besides it being COLD, we have been busy with basketball, swimming and just hanging out around the house.

Last week I finally, had my pin removed from my toe.  My doctor did not put me under or numb the toe, instead he turned that top ball and just pulled the pin out!  It did not hurt until he started breaking up the scar tissue by moving my toe and that is when the real pain set in.   The only reason why brought the pin home was because I knew Kevin would not believe how long it really was...

As luck would have it, it snowed the next day and the kids were out of school for a SNOW DAY!

Leyton is really into Ninja Turtles these days and is constantly dressing up as his favorite ninja.  We've been busy making slime and crafts at home.

The school auction was this past weekend.  This years theme was "Derby".  Typically I take tons of pictures but this year I decided to help chair the auction and was busy most of the night.  However, a  friend of mine sent me these pictures from the night.


 Superbowl Sunday we were cheering for the Falcons but we all know what happened with that game....

Holden and Kevin joined some friends for the Bucks vs. Heat game.

Other than that, nothing else is going on just soaking up these crazy days.

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