Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Family Skiing

After last week's skiing adventure, we decided to fit in one more night of skiing before spring break.   Surprisingly, Cascade was not crowded at all.  The older boys and Kevin went down a few hills together while Leyton and I stuck to the bunny hills.

Since it was not very busy, I decide to take Leyton down one of the green hills and quickly I learned he was not ready.  He was going so fast and as much a I tried to slow him down, he kept wanting to go faster!  As soon as we reached the bottom of the ski hill, I was relieved however,  Leyton was asking to go again. HA!  That little dare devil!


Instead, I decided that Leyton and I should to stick to the bunny hills just a little longer.  


Holden and Rylan joined us and both boys each took turns helping Leyton ski.  It was pretty cute to see them all skiing together.


It was such a fun night together.  I hope one day the boys look back on these family adventure nights and remember all of the laughs, bloopers and fun we shared together. I know I will.

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