Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break {Baseball, Beach, Fishing, Dolphins and more... Part 3}

More on our Spring Break adventures.  Wednesday we spent most of the day at the beach before heading over to Sarasota for the Orioles Spring Training game.

The baseball stadium was beautiful and as much as I wanted to walk around and take everything in, the boys had plans on catching a fly ball during practice.

As luck would have it, both Holden and Rylan caught balls!

I ended up letting Leyton buy one from the stadium gift shop.

Holden and Rylan had their hearts set on getting Manny Machado's autograph however, he was not playing in this game.  Instead the boys were able to get several other autographs from players before the game.

The Orioles ended up winning and I have to say it was such a fun game and atmosphere.

Thursday, we spent the entire day between the pool and beach.

It was fabulous!  We went out to watch the sunset but the clouds got in the way of our plans.

Friday we had a reservation for a boat ride to Egmont Key however, the winds were so high that our captain decided that it would not be the best idea for us so instead he planned a fishing adventure.  We arrived a little early so went went walking and found the Hernado de Soto Park.  It was a beautiful little detour.

Once we were back at the boat, kids were excited to go fishing.

Leyton was our little shrimp boy and everyone was able to catch something.

Some were a little bigger than others but it was fun.


On our way back to the dock, our captain took us to a cove where some manatee usually hang out but instead, we saw a school of dolphins.

It was pretty cool to watch them close up.  One was even throwing up a fish to catch for lunch.   The boys said this was the best day ever.


They just loved being out on the water.  Honestly, I think these three could stay outside all day and be happy.

After dinner we walked to the beach to see another spectacular sunset.

These really do not ever grow old!

Saturday morning,  we treated the boys to the Donut Experience and decorated sand dollars before heading to the airport.

Such a fun filled getaway.  Lots of adventures and memories packed into one week.  It was honestly one of the best spring breaks.  None of us wanted to come back!  But now that we are back in COLD Wisconsin, I am going to dream of this beautiful little beach house and Anna Maria Island until we can get back down there again.


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