Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Break {Part 1}

One thing that we have learned by living in Wisconsin is that when the kids have spring break, we need to escape!  Seriously, winter is never ending.  With that said, after my foot surgery in December,  we started thinking of places to go.  Somehow we landed on Anna Maria Island.  Kevin had been before but the kids and I had not.  From the pictures on line it looked nice but I was a little on the fence at first.  But Kevin found a great rental and booked it before I could change my mind.  We flew out last Saturday night and knew we would not get in until late which worked out perfectly, all of the kids were sleeping!

However Sunday morning, they were up and ready to swim!

We spent most of the morning swimming before heading to the beach. The water was a little chilly for my liking but the boys soon warmed up to it.

Leyton was having the BEST time!

We bought a skimboard for the kids to play with in the water and little did we know that it would provide lots of laughs and fun.


One of my favorite things to do while we are at the beach is to watch the sunset.  It was such a beauty the night.


Monday we did much of the same...pool, beach and repeat.

Our dinner views were pretty spectacular.

We called it a night pretty early because we had a big day planned for Tuesday. More to come on our spring break adventures....

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