Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break, {Part 2: The Everglades, Manatee and Friends}

Tuesday morning we headed down to the Everglades.  From Anna Maria Island, its about 2 hours away but we figured since we were so close, we might as well make the trip.

We had planned an Airboat ride at Corey Billie's.  As soon as we arrived look what greeted us....

Time for ride...

We saw gators, birds, and even raccoons!


Are these little guys cute.

Some of these alligators were 12 feet!!  It was a really cool experience!

Once we docked, we learned more about the baby alligators and how they are raised.  We even got to hold an alligator!

After seeing the gators, we planned another tour to see the manatee.  The water was not as clear as we had hoped but we were able to see lots of manatee.  The pictures do not do them justice, they were huge!

Our guide was so sweet and he let all three boys drive the boat.  I honestly think that was the highlight of the day.  I told Kevin that we need a boat..hint, hint.

After a full morning of adventures we headed over to Ft. Myers to see on of my best friends from college and her family.  This was the first time all the kids met but they had so much fun together.  We ate pizza and visited and as you can guess, they kids did not want to leave.

But Eliza and her family were headed to Orlando to celebrate Clark's birthday and had a 2 hour drive back to Anna Maria.  We both promised we will have to get together again soon.

It was such a fun filled day of adventures and friends.  More spring break fun to come....

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