Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Sports!

Well, the weather has finally turned somewhat decent and just in time for spring sports to begin.  Saturday it was a full day!  Rylan had his first lacrosse game.  Kevin is one of the coaches so he went with him while Holden, Leyton and myself headed to Mauston for Holden's first baseball tournament.    As son as we arrive Kevin texted me and said Rylan had a "hat trick" (three goals) at his first game.  As you can imagine, he is hooked.

Holden switched baseball teams this year so this was a first with his new team.  I would love to say they had a great game but honestly, they really struggled.  Not sure if it was first game jitters or that they need to practice more.  Probably both.


Even though they struggled, they seem to have fun with one another which was a good thing.

 They have next week off so hopefully they will be little more prepared for the next game.

Sunday, both boys had lacrosse games at the same time. Which meant I went to Holden's for the first half and then Rylan's for the second half.  Holden played middie and had a "hat trick" as well.  I was only there for the first goal but Kevin was able to see the others.  He was pretty excited!


This is Rylan's first year playing lacrosse and he absolutely loves it!  At his age, every player has to play every position which is good that they can see what they like and dislike.  Rylan seems to like it all.  He is aggressive, and he is pretty fast as well.

I have to share a highlight from the game....While he was a defender, this is a position that can not go past midfield, he was able to get the ball and flung it so hard that he made goal from midfield!!!  It was amazing!


Even the other team was cheering for him.  It was so much fun to see his excitement and shock, so much that I did not get a picture because I was cheering.  He ended up scoring 5 goals in that game and his team won 13-10.

All in all, it was a fun and exciting start to spring sports....even Leyton has lacrosse and baseball fever!

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