Sunday, May 7, 2017

Life Lately

Where to start....well for starters, it has rained, and rain, and rained some more!  Sports have been cancelled for the past week except for one cold and rainy game.

The kids and myself were going a little batty!  Leyton started busy with swimming, gymnastics and preschool.

Thankfully, this week the sun returned on Wednesday and we were able to play lacrosse and baseball this weekend.

Leyton and I took advantage of the sunshine and played out side most of Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, we had to "divide" and conquer.  Holden and Rylan both had lacrosse games.  Leyton and I stayed with Holden to watch him play.

After the game, Kevin and Holden were off to Holden's baseball games that were about an 1 1/2 away while I stayed back with the little boys.  Leyton played and played.


Bright and early Sunday morning, we were back at the ball fields.


Nothing too exciting going on around here just wishing for some warm temperatures and sunshine this week!!!

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